Bale Slice

The unique design of the Keltec Bale Slice speeds up the feeding of round bale silage. It also makes the process of feeding livestock simpler and safer too as all is done from the tractor or handler’s driving seat. The patented system of grab, cut and removal is all controlled by one double acting hydraulic service which makes it perfect for loading diet feeders, circular feeders or for use in feeding passages. Add to this the advantage of being able to use the incorporated fork which makes light work of the day-to-day jobs around the yard.

Keltec’s patented design grabs and hold the bale’s wrap and net on the top of the bale and slices up from the bottom. Once the bale is sliced, Keltec’s unique design allows to silage to fall out and away from the silage wrap and net. The process is extremely fast, efficient and safe while fully retaining the silage wrap and net for suitable disposal.

Bale Slice Advantages

At Keltec, our aim is to make your life easier: the Keltec Bale Slice is designed to speed up and simplify the feeding of Silage Bales. Our patented system, which speeds up the operation of animal feeding, is designed to ensure the farmer has the least amount of work to do with maximum productivity, reducing costs and saving valuable time. The plastic wrap and netting is removed from the silage bale while the bale is cut, all from the seat of your tractor or digger.