The uniquely designed round bale transporter was created to be efficient and to save time for our customers. Bale Chasers come in three sizes: the 8 pack and 10 pack and the 10 pack for 1.5m bales. The Chaser will carry all standard size bales with and without plastic and special orders are catered for whose non-standard size bales are present. The Chaser has been designed so that no bales are damaged during the collecting and moving process.

The benefits of the Bale Chaser are undeniable:

  • The EFFICIENCY of turning the gathering and transporting of bales from one point to another into a one machine job. An experienced driver with the use of a 10 pack chaser can move 72 bales per hour on a one kilometre trip, while the 8 pack can collect and move 60 bales per hour.
  • The COST SAVING of having one person operating the chaser compared to the traditional method of using a standard trailer and loader.
  • REDUCED SOIL COMPACTION due to less machinery needed to transport the bales.

Keltec Engineering have designed, and patented bale load assist rollers which enables bales to be loaded more easily and gently.

There is a safety locking system on both the bale cages of the Chaser. This provides a peace of mind, when venturing out on the public road.

Bale Chaser Additional Options:

  • 8/10 pack
  • Patented Bale Load Assist Rollers
  • Load sensing pneumatic brakes 
  • Hydraulic load sensing brakes