Dribble Bar

The Keltec Dribble Bar and trailing shoe (K-DB) (K-TS) range of slurry applicators has been developed to allow installation on a wide variety of slurry tankers. The K-DB and K-TS range are available in either 6-metre or 7.6-metre working widths with 24 and 30 slurry outlets respectively.

All slurry passes through a Vogelsang macerator to eliminate blockages and ensure perfectly consistent and even application of slurry at ground level. A Keltec designed and developed ‘Auto-time-reverser’ changes the direction of rotation of the macerator every minute or when a foreign object enters the macerator will automatically rotate in both directions until the blockage is cleared, helping to further reduce the risk of slurry blockages and enhance the working life of the macerator.

Delivering the slurry to the ground are spring loaded shoes which are fixed at 250mm (10”) spacing’s in the K-TS and through hanging tubes in the K-DB unit. These are mounted on a high-strength frame and the shoes and tubes design ensures a constant application of the slurry over uneven ground. The spring loaded shoes in the K-TS range are pressed into the ground which opens a slit in the ground. This allows slurry to be delivered to the soil surface via a rubber injection cone.

The Keltec design allows for two types of mounting methods on a manufacturer’s vacuum tanker. The K-DB and the K-TS range can be fitted onto a tanker manufacturer’s own tank brackets. Alternatively, at Keltec we have developed a chassis mounting system for our K-DR range of dribble bar slurry applicators.