Keltec has designed the KM-300L mower series with productivity and grass quality in mind for agricultural and contractor users. The KM-300L mower series is available in three build configurations – plain disc mower, with conditioner and with conditioner and Keltec’s innovative auger-type grouper – to suit different customer requirements.

The Keltec top-pivot design facilitates a more even bed pressure and better contouring across the entire width of the machine. The disc mower bed is supported by a hydraulic ram with an accumulators providing a cushioning effect and allowing the mower bed to effectively contour undulating or uneven ground. Bed pressure is adjustable to suit different ground conditions.

To counteract the uneven forces of a large side-mounted implement, Keltec engineers have developed an innovative levelling-bar device to remove the twisting load on the tractors three point linkage.

The auger type grouper used on the Keltec KM-300L range is also Keltec’s own design where grass is fed into the top of the auger to provide the best grouping effect, regardless of grass conditions.  The compact design of the Keltec auger-type grouper reduces the overall machine weight in comparison to a machine with a conventional belt-type grouper. An important consideration, in a fully mounted three point linkage machine.

When not grouping swaths, a hydraulic ram from the tractor opens a hood allowing the crop to be deposited directly behind the mower. Keltec engineers have designed it so that when the hood is opened, a swath former automatically moves into place. The width of the swath can be varied to suit grass conditions or machine types, such as a baler, wagon or harvester.

In transport, the mower is hydraulically folded vertically over-centre to 110-degrees. This facilitates maximum manoeuvrability of tractor and mower on narrow roads.



The Keltec KM-900B butterfly mower-conditioner is the ideal solution for high capacity grass mowing and harvesting, when used in conjunction with a front mounted mower. The KM-900B butterfly mower incorporates the innovative Keltec auger grouper design.

The Keltec auger grouper has proven itself to be extremely efficient when used in a variety of crop conditions. Little or no adjustment is required across hugely varying conditions. The compact design of the auger-grouper also means it is much lighter and more compact than conventional grouper designs. Being lighter and closer to the tractor makes the Keltec KM-900B easier for tractors and operators to handle. This is especially on hilly or challenging terrain.

Central mounting of each mower unit on a hydraulic arm, plus hydraulic bed suspension and a lighter overall weight, provides for excellent ground contouring characteristics.

Conditioning of the grass is done by V-shaped steel tines which improve overall sugar levels in the harvested silage


The Keltec KM-300T trailed disc mower with conditioner has been designed and constructed with Irish grass conditions in mind. The simple and strong design of KM-300T makes it a popular choice for many.

Coil spring, mower bed suspension and semi swing steel conditioner tines ensures that grass is cut and conditioned to the highest standards. A robust lower-linkage frame and swivel gearboxes provide optimum drawbar height control and excellent manoeuvrability. Large wheels plus drawbar design add to overall machine stability on challenging terrain.

An LED road lighting kit provides a reliable and safe lighting solution for road movements.