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Industrial Projects

Click for more information about current and past projects. We at Keltec are CE accredited.


For over 30 years, Keltec Engineering have been providing high-quality engineering and fabrication services worldwide. From our expanded facilities in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, Ireland, we provide a range of engineering products and services across key sectors including Water Treatment, Waste Management and Agricultural Infrastructure.

Our longstanding philosophy is one of partnership working with our clients. We look to deliver long-lasting value to projects whether it is pre-designed OEM installation or a complex custom turnkey project.

Our flexible approach and our ability to deliver ‘on time and in budget’ is what our reputation is built on coupled with our problem solving ability throughout the design process.

Our workforce consists of a wide range of experienced and highly skilled operators including engineers, fabricators, CNC Laser Cutting operatives, sheet metal workers, machinists and assemblers.

Our water treatment and waste management projects are often large-scale and demand the flexibility of approach that we can provide in order to manage the changes to scope and design that are often required on these type of projects.

Very often our clients are looking for turn-key solutions that include:

  • Heavy fabrication

  • Electrical engineering

  • Pipework

  • Manufacture and assembly

  • Installation and commissioning

Our Process

We ensure the successful delivery of projects by the implementation of our in-house processes. This structured framework ensures internationally approved quality standards and drives the design and implementation of a successful project.


Keltec Engineering design, manufacture and supply  water and wastewater products.  


  • Rotating bridge,

  • scrapers,

  • Weirs,

  • Defusion drum,

  • All ancillary equipment to completely fill out the clarifier assemble.

  • These can be supplied in both galvanized or stainless steel.


  • bridge,

  • rotating picket fence with scrapers,

  • weirs,

  • all ancillary equipment to completely fill out the PFT assemble.

  • These can be supplied in both galvanized or stainless steel.

Decant Arm System – These can be supplied in any size in both galvanised or stainless steel.

Rotating Bar Screens – These can be supplied in galvanised or stainless steel and can be designed to suit your requirements. 

Bar Screen – These can be supplied in galvanised or stainless steel and can be designed to suit your requirements. 

Daf Tank – These can be supplied in galvanised or stainless to meet your requirements. 

Keltec supply all forms of platforms, stairs, and ladders in GMS, stainless steel, and aluminum or in any combination e.g. GMS structure with stainless handrails, etc.  



Keltec buildings are CE Approved. Our buildings are designed and manufactured from quality raw materials to produce a high spec product for our valued customers.

Keltec buildings are custom-made to your space, needs, and budget.


The sheds can come in a variety of colours and features from:

  • Roller doors

  • Windows

  • Skylights

  • Roof vents

  • Mezzanine floors and staircases

  • Sliding doors

  • Stable bay systems

  • Front, back and side eaves

Farm Buildings constructed by Keltec can be built and erected in accordance with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food grant specifications S101.


Fitted to a loader or materials handler, the Keltec-Bag Fill Bucket (K-BFB) range has been designed to safely and quickly fill large bags with all manner of materials. Built from Strenx Swedish steel, the K-BFB range is the ideal bagging-aid for builder’s merchants or agricultural merchants.

It is available in a range of capacities – 0.75m3 for sand and aggregates or 3m3 for animal feedstuffs. The K-BFB range features a hydraulically controlled double trap door which provides the operator with perfect and precise control when filling bags.  A hard-wearing bucket edge ensures long working life and a clean yard, further reducing yard maintenance.

All K-BFB models are supplied with hydraulic hoses and mounting brackets.


Introducing our new and innovative fire suppression system which is capable of delivering 2800 litres per minute to the source of the blaze to swiftly extinguish the fire. This in comparison to a standard sprinkler system can be focused at the centre of the fire which in turn saves valuable goods which may have been stored in a near location. The main purpose of the product is to cut out the waiting time between the start of the fire and the arrival of the fire brigade by which time the fire has the potential to have burnt the building to the ground.

With 43% of response times taking between 10 and 20 minutes on average, the possible cost due to loss of time, revenue and building costs far outweighs the initial cost of the device. This device is essential to protect your business from the hidden fees which come with sustaining fire damage. The water cannon has an initial cost but requires little to no maintenance when installed. The water cannon features a handheld controller which is used to direct the flow of water at the fire, with 360 degrees of rotation the fire is never out of reach. An additional feature which can be requested is a live feed controller, with the aid of a thermal camera to pierce the dense smoke gives the operator a bird’s eye view of the blaze.


  • Adjustable nozzle 

  • butterfly valve

  • 360-degree rotation 

  • Live feed thermal camera

  • Handheld remote

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